28 July 2013

Feelings Mutual

twenty twelve - Large from Justin Courageo on Vimeo.

06 April 2013

Picnic Date with Brisbane

The little grassy knoll along Brisbane's Southbank is a perfect setting for an evening picnic.  Kayaks carrying lanterns pass by like a clew of glowworms, whilst the backdrop of skyscrapers reminds me of a line of schoolchildren shuffling around trying to determine who's tallest. Light sprinkles from the clouds above formed the icing on the cake on this fine autumnal evening.

With wine and cheese aplenty, the security staff, in fear that we would become a pack of raucous youths, kindly reminded us that only the consumption of cheese, not wine, could continue pass 8pm. Like young rebellious youths, we cheekily defied the curfew and sipped our wine late into the evening.

JUI (Justin Under the Influence)

16 February 2013

To Doo List

There is a village about 45 minutes from Hobart called Doo Town and each house has its own puntastic name! Here's a small collection that A & I thought were cool/weird/don't get it.