20 September 2010

Første Weekend in kōpənˌhägən

So I've finally got time to write something about Copenhagen! However, it's only going to be a couple sentences as I'm exhausted and I have class in the morning.  These pictures were taken during my first weekend here a few weeks ago.  It seems like an eternity ago; the weather was pleasant and I was bursting with energy.  Currently, it's raining, windy and cold.

On the first weekend a bunch of us took advantage of the free S-trains.  I'm not sure why, but on the first weekend of every month the trains are free for everyone and shops remain open for longer.  So, logically, we abused the system and caught the train to the very end of the line to Klampenborg.  There is a beach around here as well as a deer park (pictured).  We had brought our bikes onto the train so we were able to ride around the deer park.  After riding around for 15mins we spotted some deer.  They're pretty awesome, but not as awesome as kangaroos.


Leah said...

1. I love that you're running AdSense on your blog. It cracks me up.

2. Your pictures are incredible, like out of a magazine. Makes me jealous.


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