31 January 2011

Home Sweet Home (for now)

Home Again
I've been back in Brisbane for a week now, laying low and getting everything organised for my move to Melbourne in a few days. Unlike the last time I returned from an exchange, I haven't been experiencing a post-exchange depression. Not yet anyway. Maybe it's because I've been so preoccupied with organising the next chapter of my life in Melbourne.

On the contrary, I've been extremely happy to be back. Living in Copenhagen has made me appreciate the beautiful warm weather we have here in the land down under. On Australia Day a few days ago, I lazed about with my friends in a backyard, beer in one hand, Uno cards in the other, staring up at the glorious green trees that were protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun. Jess pulled out a hose to cool us off. Everybody complained that it was too hot. I loved it. It's much better than being forced indoors in sub zero temperatures.

Things I Miss
There are so many things I miss about Copenhagen already though. First and foremost: the beautiful friends I made. It saddens me to know that things will never be the same again. We'll never all be living together in the one city again, only a short bike ride away from each other.

Secondly, my dear bike. Well, I hated my bike actually. It was constantly making strange noises and breaking down on me. And I always denied it, but Nicolas was right, it was a girl's bike. OK, so I don't miss my bike, but I miss the ability to get from A to B quickly, easily and safely, usually with friends, without spending money, without a worry about whether you're over the 'alcohol limit', whilst keeping fit at the same time!

This Blog
This was originally going to be a blog solely about my exchange semester in Copenhagen and any travels I did on either side. However, I have to admit, I've come to love this art of blogging, so I hope to continue posting photos and commentaries on interesting places I visit and people I meet.

I've been overwhelmed by the number of visits this blog has received: over 5,000 in a few months. Thank you if you are reading this!

I've had a look into google analytics to work out how people stumble upon my blog. It's amusing for me to see what some people have searched in google to come across my blog. For instance, people have searched:

'how long can a 3 year old child stay out in the snow'
'massage parlours near Stansted Airport'
'how many bikes are stolen daily'
'how to get music loud enough for a flash mob'
'cute kids in the snow'

I note that many people have stumbled upon this through the University of Copenhagen website, so, if you're an incoming exchange student and have any questions about Copenhagen, please don't hesitate to ask me about anything.

I'm still yet to write about my recent visits to Egypt (let's hope that a peaceful resolution is made soon to end the current unrest that is unfolding), Berlin, Rome, Paris and Kuala Lumpur. More to come.


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