30 January 2012

Home Boys Home Girls Home


Here is one of my favourite poems that I found in a children's picture book exhibition that perfectly describes my thoughts during my recent visit in Brisbane:

Home is where we make the world,
where we learn and grow and play.
Home is the first world we explore,
where we take our first steps.
Home is where we find the people
who love us most.
Home is where we find 
our special stories and traditions.
It all begins with home.

During my four days in Brisbane, I felt mixed emotions all round.  I'm a fourth generation Brisbane resident and I can't help but feel a natural, inexplicable attachment to the place.  I love the waterholes, the nearby beaches, the verandah hangouts, the river, the bikepath along Corro Drive, GOMA, the West End cafes...the list could go on.

It kills me, however, that every time I go back, a sad feeling accompanies the joy I experience when I catch up with someone.  The length of time between my Brisbane visits is constantly increasing.  I see my Brisbane pals less and less and each time I see them so much more and more is happening...and I'm not there to see it, to share those experiences with them.

There was too much love oozing out of each one of my family and friends that I was fortunate enough to catch up with.  You know who you are and I thank you this much for making the time to hang with me: <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Some things I already miss from the weekend:
  • Playing one-on-one Laser Force at 1pm on a Friday with Zopper
  • Driving in circles through the rain to Youth Lagoon
  • Accidentally stumbling into the Jam Jar with one of my oldest friends
  • Researching albinos in West End
  • Bumping into old housemates from the Bamboo Banga at The End
  • Late night gin & tonics and nachos by the river
  • Bad T-shirt bowls
  • Cyber city karaoke
  • Discovering a decent cafe in Kenmore


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