10 October 2010


Yo! I'm totally in the bestest mood today!

I've been stealing my neighbour's wireless internet since I've lived here, so the connection's consistently weak or failing, which makes it nearly impossible for me to skype with anyone. But last night I skyped with my best friend from America (the time difference is terrible) which made my day. She's coming to visit me in a couple weeks and we're heading to Amsterdam together to meet some friends.

Also, I'm heading to the Fjords next week for the mid-semester break with the Awesome Foursome; a group of us who met here. It's been a bit stressful organising it because, as expected, everything in Norway is as expensive as Al Gore's electricity bills. Also, it seems that all the hostels in Oslo are completely booked out so we have nowhere to live (sad face), so please help us if you know of anyone there!

Today I went on a day trip to Møns Klint; one of the natural wonders of Denmark. It is a set of chalk cliffs along the southern coast (pictured), about two hours' drive from Copenhagen. As I walked on the pebbles along the water with my Kiwi friend, we couldn't help but comment on how unimpressive it was compared to the coastal landscapes down under, but for Scandinavia, it was impressive.

The next stop was in Liselund, where we spent some time at a park, appropriately named Romantic Park. I'd just been to a similar park (the gardens behind Fredericksburg Castle) last week, so I decided to climb through a fence on the outskirts of the park to the coast (pictured). It was beautiful. I felt so isolated; we were accompanied by a lone fisherman battling against the waves (pictured).

After that we headed to Elmelunde Church. It is apparently a very typical Danish Church. If I was a kid again armed with a handful of crayons and toys, this is how I would've designed my church (pictured).

Our final destination was Jaettestue; a set of graves from the stone age. We had to climb through a small tunnel and crawl around this igloo-like stone structure (pictured). A strange experience but definitely worth going because it's not everyday you see something odd like that.



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