24 October 2010

Bob Loblaw Weekend

I've been trying to study for my imminent European and International Commercial Law final exam (this Thursday!!!) and I'm finding it suprisingly difficult to study.  Not once this semester have I had to sit at a desk for more than an hour to study (I'm a bad student), but after discovering the Black Diamond library a few days ago, studying has become a bit more 'fun' as it's such a modern, inspiring and social place.  There are great transparent glass walls which provide beautiful views of the canal, and rooms which are Oxford-esque (with those vintage green lamps!).  I'm currently procrastinating and thought I'd just write something here.

I skyped with my mum a few days ago and she commented on how convoluted my blog is; my posts are not at all in a chronological order so it confuses her as to what exactly I've been doing recently.  Well, for now (sorry mum) I'm going to continue my tradition of selecting random events from the past 2 months to blog about before it becomes too late.

Below are some pictures of the Law Weekend held at Western Camp, Rødby a few weeks ago.  Probably best to some it up with a few stats:
-1500L beer
-120 x law exchange students
-2 x nights
-1 x beach
-1 x halloween party

We were randomly placed in different activity teams so it was a great opportunity to make new friends.  I was in the Orange team and I think we had the best team war cry/dance/rap and we didn't lose a single team activity.  We were surprised not to win the overall team comp, but later during the halloween-themed party, an international mentor pulled us aside and told us how great we were and presented us with a bottle of vodka which we finished in 2 minutes!

I'm having trouble selecting my favourite photos from that weekend, so I'm just including the entire shortlist instead.


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