28 July 2010

All These Things That I've Londone

My first week in London has been jam-packed and I finally have some time to write a post.  I arrived at Stansted airport last Monday afternoon and had to:
  • catch three different tube lines to get to Lakey's place...
  • in the middle of rush hour....
  • laden with a big fat suitcase and carrybag. 
It was as fun as eating cereal for dinner.

Since then, my time in London has been smooth like smooth peanut butter.  The main thing I've noticed is that no-one seems to lift an eyebrow at the fact that I'm Australian.  I'm used to people saying "Ohhh coool you're from Orstrayliar!" when I travel overseas but I guess the fact that there are so many Australians here and that London is truly an international city makes me just another little fish in the big sea.

Fortunately Lakey's had some time off work to show me some amazing landmarks including Trafalgar Square (pictured), Oxford St and Richmond Park.

A few nights ago I caught up with Linda at the Embankment where she took us to a beautiful underground wine and cheese cellar (pictured).  I've only just started to appreciate wine and cheese this year so I thoroughly enjoyed the night of cheddar, brie, cranberry sauce, pickles and generous portions of red.

I had a big day out with Ben and Ellie over the weekend, feasting upon free samples of the finest cheese, bread, dips and fruits at the Borough Markets, located under an overpass for trains.  We burned off the calories from our cheese samples by going on a cultural adventure through the Natural History Museum (pictured), Science Museum and the V&A Museum, the latter being my favourite museum in recent memory. The V&A was huge, boasting several large artifacts (sculptures, paintings, parts of buildings) from all around the world.

I dined at an American diner and shared a drink with Maggie at a quaint little pub near Shoreditch on the weekend.  Eating chilli cheesy fries is the best way to start a weekend.

My favourite adventure so far has been my Sunday visit to Brick Lane (pictured).  I couldn't help but feel under-dressed at this hip precinct of laneways brimming with vintage and cutting-edge fashion shops and stalls.  It would've been shopping heaven for me had my wallet been filled with moolah.

It remains light here til at least 9pm which is nice as it means I can fit in so much in a day here.  The weather has been divine with plenty of sunshine.

I better pen off now as I'm actually heading out to Kemsing soon to go to a rasberry farm.

I don't know who or if anyone reads this, but if you're reading this, I hope you have an awesome day :)


Anonymous said...

i like your analogies. "it was as fun as eating cereal for dinner." subsequently after reading, an upward crescent shape took hold of my lips and mouth. VERY lovely talking to you today. loves.

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