25 July 2010

London // Unjust EnRichmond

I've been in London for a little under a week now and so far I've had a great time catching up with old friends and visiting places on the Monopoly Board (ie. Piccadilly, Oxford St, Whitehall etc).  My highlight so far was playing in Richmond Park with my oldest friend Nick Lake on Thursday (pictured).  Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in London, with over 600 roaming deer, 2500 acres of land and five billion tonnes of fun.

I have to get up early tomorrow as I'm off to Oxford (about two hours from London by bus) to visit a friend who's just graduated from there.  I've just learnt that my bus has wi-fi so hopefully I'll be able to post an entry on my time in London during my ride there.

Hope everyone is well and swell :)


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