29 July 2010

Oxford Comma

I visited Oxford earlier this week and it was everything I was expecting plus more.  It's a quaint little town filled with rich history, tradition and prestige.  I was fortunate enough to have a friend, Ken show me around.  He's graduating from a Bachelor of Civil Laws this week and his passion and enthusiasm for his University was something I had never seen before.  It is not difficult to fall in love with this place; with all the cosy cafes, ancient architecture, a myriad of museums and numerous plaques reminding us that many of the world's greatest academics walked those very same cobble-stoned streets we were on.  For instance, Boyle's law (which we all learned about in Physics and Chemistry in high school) was discovered by Robert Boyle in a lab off one of the main streets of Oxford.  Down the road from that lies a pub where JRR Tolkein and Lewis Carroll would share a drink regularly.

Because Ken is a student of Oxford, he is entitled to bring up to two visitors with him everywhere for free.  Most sites we visited generally cost between 3 and 5 pounds to visit for outside visitors so I would've saved a good 20 pounds.

We spent the afternoon punting, which is a pastime for both academics and students of Oxford.  Punting is a form of boating in small rivers in shallow waters.  We used a very long and heavy metal rod to help us steer and push us forward and it was something I really struggled with!



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