08 November 2010

A Force to be Reckoned With

This week my blog reached a milestone - 2,000 views!  Watch out Google, Facebook and Yahoo; you have a new competitor in town!

I am so glad to see that people out there actually read this!

I've been so busy of late.  My best friend from the US (who I haven't seen for 18months) just arrived in CPH this weekend.  She's staying for two fun-filled weeks so I spent all of last week smashing some readings out of the way. Yesterday we spent a whole day at KB Hallen looking through people's trash and turning it into our treasures (pictured).

I've noticed this week that all the leaves around CPH have either fallen or are about to.  I brought my camera with me to campus last week in the hope of capturing the last remnants of a once-colourful Copenhagen (pictured).  Caro, as usual, is a natural when it comes to photos.


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