28 November 2010

Snow Fight!!1!!one!!!

It's been a crazy week of snow and studying this week.  Unfortunately the train network on our side of town is down for renovation for a couple weeks which means for all of us living in Tranehavegard who want to go to our campuses to study, we either have to bike in the ice and snow which can be dangerous (but I love the thrill) or endure the crowded and slow buses.  Alternatively, you can be mega lazy and just stay inside, which is what the majority of students seem to be doing now...including myself.

View from the apartment
I'm spending the next few days at A's apartment across the street to keep each other company in these dark times and to ensure we don't procrastinate too much during our study sessions!  We have created some nice 'hygge' to assist us.  This is one of those words that even my Danish friends struggle to define.  The closest  translation I can think of is 'cosiness', however, I've been told this translation is still inadequate.  We have three candles along the window sill and all the heaters are turned up to the max.  There are large snow flakes floating around outside, however, it is getting dark very quickly, and early, around 3.30pm.

Last night one of the Canadian students organised a snow fight at midnight.  With only a few hours notice, over a dozen of us met up at the benches between our apartments for an unforgettable battle.  The Australians really struggled; our snowball-making skills and throwing accuracy just didn't cut it compared to the Europeans and Canadians.  Thirty minutes later, we were all left panting, cold, soaked and grinning*.

*except poor Mala who got hit by Ed a lot


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