23 November 2010

SNOW (plus people's kitchen)

Just like every other Australian here, I'm excited that it's finally started snowing in Copenhagen!  It's actually my third time seeing snow this semester.  Previously I saw some in Norway (I went crazy!) and then last week in Lund. 

This is my street
I wasn't nearly as excited as my Australian friend, Charlotte, who lives across the road from me.  I was just riding home when she called me and excitedly screamed "It's snowing! Let's go play!".  It was 9pm and 0 degrees but we still managed to take some photos and throw some snowballs at each other.

Snow just happens to be one of my favourite rappers as well.  Check him out:

Tonight I went to People's Kitchen (pictured below) in Norrebro.  I don't think I've written about it before but it's a fantastic concept.  Basically, you go to eat mainly vegan food in a worn-down space using second-hand plates and cutlery.  It is a donation-based dinner prepared by volunteers, and 20DKK ($4) is the typical amount to donate.  After finishing the delicious meal, you wash up and dry your own plates and have the option of hanging around for free tea and playing board games.  They also have a whole lot of bread and pastries for you to take home; I assume they are the leftovers of a nearby bakery.  Tonight, we were lucky enough to have some biodynamic farmers from Jutland (mainland Denmark) give us a fantastic insight into biodynamic farming.  These farmers focus on the holistic relationship between soil, plants, animals and humans.  They were extremely spiritual farmers and I was completely fascinated by their unusual farming techniques and opinions.

There's a People's Kitchen each night at a different venue, but I usually go to the Tuesday one in Norrebro because there's a sweet hangout nearby that plays free interesting documentaries on Mondays and Tuesdays.  In recent weeks, they've played 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' and 'Taking Liberties'.  Here, we sit on old couches in a dilapidated building and enjoy cheap beer, and occasionally, if we're lucky, free popcorn and chocolate milk.  As it's been getting colder, less and less people have been going so it was amazing having the whole place to ourselves last week (pictured).


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