27 November 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Last week I was annoyed because someone had stolen my camera equipment at Kronborg Castle, which included my Krumpler bag and telephoto lense, which amounted to over $400.  In the past fortnight, I can think of at least 5 friends who've had their bikes stolen, and just yesterday my friend's bag with all her valuables inside was snatched too.  I was starting to lose faith in Danish people...until I was on a train last night heading to Vega to see Jamie from The XX play a DJ set (I didn't end up going though).

Snow has been sprinkling over the city for the last four days and it seems that everyone has abandoned their bikes to catch public transport to get to places.  Unfortunately, four days of snowing also means that train tracks get damaged, which is exactly what happened last night.  As the train that I originally assumed was heading to Enghave arrived at Kobenhavn H, a young lady asked if I spoke Danish.  I said no, and then she explained to me that the train was reversing to head to Hillerod, which is a long way away from my place, in the other direction!  There was a girl who had passed out on the train and she had also tried to assist her in getting off at Kobenhavn H Station.

I spoke to the young lady, Katrine, for a while who translated everything for me, and we walked around the streets to find a bus to catch together to the next train station.  I found out she'd spent half a year in Australia a few years ago and we were both reminiscing about the weather and beautiful beaches there!  When we hopped off the bus, we were told we'd have to wait another 15 minutes for the next train, and at 1am, with snow showering everywhere and ourselves sobering up, it did not seem like a viable option to wait!  She kindly paid for a taxi home from the station and I feel so indebted to her.  The kindness of strangers.  Without her, I think I would've fallen asleep on the train and ended up at Hillerod!


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