01 December 2010

I finished an exam today and only have one piece of assessment left in my undergraduate degree!  I'm not at all used to oral exams so I was relieved when it was all over.  I tried recruiting a number of people to go to the Tivoli Gardens with me tonight, but many couldn't make it for the following reasons (which are becoming more and more common):
  • Studying for exams
  • The snow/cold (tonight was -5 degrees celsius)
  • Dangerous bike riding conditions
  • Poor train connections
  • Harry Potter 7
Fortunately, Mala, Igne and Aurora joined for what was to be a joyous evening. We felt like wide-eyed children again with thousands of fancy lights illuminating all the park's attractions; from pirate ships, palaces and pagodas to willow trees and merry-go-rounds. After drinking a few servings of gløgg (a type of warm, sweet Danish mulled wine), we decided it'd be fun to go on the chair-swing carousel; not such a good idea unless you enjoy being nauseous!  


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