04 December 2010

First Goodbye and Metro Flashmob

Saturday night and I'm staying in.  How depressing!  I'm skipping a Finnish Independence Day party tonight that I really wanted to go to, to reunite with some old Scandinavian friends I met in Hong Kong a few years ago.  Why?  Because I have a 4,500 word paper due on Monday that I'm still yet to write.  It's supposed to be a relatively simple paper to write, but it's my last piece of assessment (ever) for my 6 year dual degree.  Knowing that makes it a little more difficult, and it's making me nervous!

Today also marked my first goodbye.  My dear friend Aurora, who I've been spending lots of time lighting candles with of late, was the first of my many friends here to leave Copenhagen.  I've been on exchange before so I know what to expect from marks the beginning of the worst part of exchange: the goodbye period, and it happens all too quickly.

On a brighter note, last night there was a flashmob party on the Metro.  A few of us left the Jurahuset Friday Bar early to attend this party-on-a-train event.  Our group arrived at Norreport Station at 10.30pm, half an hour after the scheduled party-train left.  However, we were relieved to find over a hundred other revellers waiting at the station for the next party-train to arrive.  When it finally did, we flooded the train with numerous alcoholic beverages in hand.

We were packed like sardines on the train, listening to dance music that wasn't quite loud enough for anyone to bust a move.  There were no disco-balls nor fancy lights - just a lot of people squished awkwardly on a train and just appreciating how weird the experience was.  After arriving at the next station at Forum, some of the revellers hopped off, and some commuters, unaware of what was going on, hopped on.  As soon as the doors closed, all those around them started jumping, moshing, singing, and anything else that would make them feel uncomfortable!  It was hilarious to watch, but after a couple more stops, we'd had enough and were actually feeling nauseous.  By the time we arrived back at Norreport Station, we noticed that the train security staff had come out in force to stop the party, and to check for valid train tickets - which none of us had.  Good thing we'd hopped off early.


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