12 December 2010

Negative Three Degrees. Negative Several Friends.

  • The laundry room at Tranehavegard.  A retired Danish man sips on a beer while waiting for his load.  Looks like Santa Clause.  Maybe he is.  He complains about how absurd it is that he has to pay tax on his pension payments. He gets his English and Danish words muddled up.
  • All out of toiler paper. Four days til I leave. It's a two week investment. Steal some from the Jurahuset instead.
  • Looked outside.  It's a sunny day.  Walked outside in a jumper and flip flops.  Took some photos of my bike. Trying to sell it. Ended up freezing. Ran back inside after a minute. Negative 3 degrees. Sunny days are deceiving.  (Oh! Let me know if you're coming here on exchange soon and want to buy my bike!)
  • After hours.  Bispetorvet building. We work the sound system downstairs. Calvin Harris' latest album. Beers from 7/11. Free foosball. People upstairs: studying, stressing and jealous.   
  • Kitchen is cold. Used a spanner to let the air out of the heater. A black liquid spurts everywhere uncontrollably. Kitchen floods. Clothes ruined.
  • First time visiting Frederiksberg Have. We hire ice skates. Big ups to European skaters.  But not Greek ones.
  • Drinks at Stash's. Tuborg plus pizza. Frozen pizza is ten times cheaper than a restaurant one. Also ten times worse.
  • Friday night. Norrebro House party. 4th floor. Bad speakers. Heaps of popcorn. Lots of goodbyes.
  • Last night.  Half price dinner at Dalle Valle. Grilled Salmon. More goodbyes.


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